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Kinesiology Tape

Product Features

● Cotton with Spandex
● Breathable, super-elasticity, excellent Adhesive
● Elastic tension increasing gap between the skin and muscles during exercise
● Promote blood and lymph circulation and benefit rehabilitation
● Reduce pain substance cause by sports injuries
● Latex free
● Color: Blue, Green, Red, Tan, Customized Colors

Product Direction

● Helps Restore function to injured, sore, or weak muscles and joints
● Aids in the treatment of painful musculoskeletal conditions
● Helps relieve swelling and edema
● Complementary to many treated modalities
● Helps to maintain flexibility
● Wearable up to 5 days

Product Application    Sports

Product Specification

1 in. x 5 yds,  1.5 in. x 5 yds,   2 in. x 5 yds,  3 in. x 5 yds,   4 in. x 5 yds,   6 in. x 5 yds

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Copyright: Shanghai   Juntech  Healthcare  Materials   Co.,   Ltd. Record number: 浙ICP備2021038036號Technical support: Shi De Wei Technology

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