Cotton Athletic Tape

                Product Features

                ● Easy to tear and unwinds to the core for easy use and great support

                ● Good quality athletic tape for all sports medicine applications

                ● 100% hospital-grade cotton backcloth 

                ● High tensile strength, excellent tackiness and conformability 

                ● Discoloration 

                ● Hypoallergenic, safe and toxic free

                ● Without natural rubber latex

                ● Multiple widths and colors available

                Product Application

                ● Joints immobilize 

                ● Oppression muscle

                ● Strengthen bones ligaments tendons and other unstable support

                ● Control scope of joints activities 

                ● Prevent sprain protect fingers wrist ankle shoulder elbow and knee

                Product Specification

                1 in. x 10 yds, 1.5 in. x 10 yds, 2 in. x 10 yds

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